Rijk Zwaan in Sub-Saharan Africa

Your successful vegetable farm is our business! That's why we started breeding in Africa, making improved varieties for you. We offer our expertise for free so the seeds you buy from us will make you into a successful professional market supplier!

Our Learning service is for all growers, small or large-scale. By providing technical support and sharing best practices throughout the entire cultivation season, you will be improving on all aspects of vegetable growing, from nursery to market. 
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We help you improve your cultivation knowledge by offering:

Best practices

Be inspired by the success stories of other growers.

Technical Support

Ask our crop specialists anything what you would like to know.

Farm Management

Our cultivation & breeding specialists will share the latest insights in vegetable cultivation.

Quality seeds

We provide excellent customer service and high quality seeds, accessible for everyone. 

Relevant vegetable seeds



Long cucumber with an average fruit length of 34 - 38 cm


Long cucumber with an average fruit length of 32 - 35 cm


Slicer cucumber with an average fruit length of 19 - 24 cm


Slicer cucumber with an average fruit length of 22 cm


Mini cucumber with an average fruit length of 15 - 17 cm

Gamhar RZ F1

Elongated plum tomato
Average fruit weight : 100-120 gr 

Jarrah RZ F1

Semi-determinate plant tomato
Average fruit weight : 80 - 100 gr

Abale RZ F1

Short, compact plant
Average fruit weight: 120 - 150 gr

Rijk Zwaan

Rijk Zwaan is an international vegetable breeding company based in The Netherlands. Rijk Zwaan is a family-owned company and currently amongst the top five vegetable seed companies in the world.

Our seeds in Africa are sold via an extensive network of distributors. In many areas, farmers are still in the process of getting to grips with the basics of vegetable production. That is why we have a team of experienced crop advisors and product development specialists who are focused on transferring their knowledge to growers. Being right at the heart of the market, they can give expert advice that is tailored to local circumstances.
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Our mission

#Sharing knowledge | #Sharing a healthy future 

Sustainability and social responsibility are a natural part of Rijk Zwaan. Rijk Zwaan has an impact on some element of each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the associated targets. We want to share our knowledge. We want to share a healthy future.