Outdoor Tomato Course (Basics)

This tomato course is created by experts from Rijk Zwaan to provide practical knowledge and skills to tomato growers in Africa.
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What you are going to learn

Become a better farmer.

This course will show you the basics of growing outdoor tomato in Africa to increase your knowledge and skills in tomato cultivation and maximize your profit and yield. 
Throughout this course you will discover how you:

  • Prepare the land for cultivation.
  • Understand plant density and it's influence on yield.
  • Different methods of irrigation.
  • Manage pests and diseases through crop protection.
  • Understand physiological disorders.

What's included?

  • 17 lessons
  • Questionnaires
  • Live discussion
  • Certification

Expertise by Rijk Zwaan

Rijk Zwaan is one of world leading vegetable breeding company with local expertise. Our cultivation & breeding specialists will share the latest insights in tomato cultivation.

Active community

Rijk Zwaan specialists and your fellow growers are here to help! Let's interact with each other in our special Learning community and participate in live discussions.

Course Lessons

Extend your cultivation knowledge now!

Meet OUr Business advisor  & Film director

Harald Peeters

Harald is a horticultural specialist at Rijk Zwaan with his boots firmly in African fields for 3 decades . Together with the international tomato Crop Team of Rijk Zwaan he is sharing our knowledge about tomato varieties and cultivation. From low-tech to high-tech, Harald enjoys bringing African Farmers to the next level by sharing his knowledge on crops but also the market and the business case of a variety. He looks forward to finding solutions for your challenges during the courses and in the field.
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Frequently asked questions

Is this course for free?

Yes this course is free of charge!

I don't use seeds of Rijk Zwaan yet, is that a problem?

That is not a problem, we like to share a healthy future!  However, our curriculum is based on our varieties. The crop management refers to specific Rijk Zwaan varieties and may not be 1 on 1 applicable to other varieties. Of course, we like to see you becoming successful with the wide Rijk Zwaan assortment.
Rijk Zwaan is a vegetable seed breeder. We make new hybrid varieties with added value for all actors in the vegetable chain. Our Head Office is in the Netherlands but we have daughter companies in more than 30 countries and distributors in over a 100. As a professional grower you will appreciate our top varieties of cucumber, tomato, sweet pepper, lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, carrot and many many more!